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We are skilled jury trial lawyers.

Our expertise is representing plaintiffs who have serious physical and/or psychological injury and damages—challenging cases that demand our level of resources and experience. We believe the civil justice system is a powerful tool that not only provides justice and compensation for individuals who have been wronged, but also helps change public policy to prevent others from being hurt. In the big picture, that is the change we seek. But we do it one person, one case, and one story at a time.

To learn more, please explore our specific areas of expertise which include:

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence is a specialized area of malpractice litigation. There are more than 13,000 active attorneys in Oregon. Only seven, including Bill Barton, are identified by the Best of the US under plaintiffs’ malpractice law.

Medical negligence cases are technically complex and expensive to prepare and try. Assembling a panel of doctors as expert witnesses who are willing to testify against another doctor is not easy.

At Barton Trial Attorneys our unique trial team includes a doctor, not just medical malpractice lawyers. Together, we carefully evaluate each case...

Birth Injuries

Birth injury is a hyper-specialized area of malpractice litigation that few attorneys have the expertise, or resources to try. We do. Your injured infant deserves a voice and your family needs an expert advocate in a birth injury lawyer who can provide you with not just the legal, but also the emotional, support to rebuild your life.

Every catastrophic injury or malpractice case is unfortunate and damaging, but a preventable birth injury might be the most distressing, painful, and costly. One of the happiest moments of life suddenly becomes a tragedy; your injured baby doesn’t understand and can’t communicate; and the lifetime impacts and costs to your family could be disastrous...

Catastrophic Injuries

Some injuries are so severely damaging that they permanently impact every aspect of your life. Your health, family, job, and future financial security are all affected. 

Add to that mounting medical care costs, liens from workers’ compensation or health care plans, and a medically uncertain future and the need for experienced professional counsel and advocacy quickly becomes apparent

Barton Trial Attorneys is a brain injury law firm and personal injury law firm with more than four decades of experience helping those who have suffered life-changing injuries due to auto accidents, defective products, work-related accidents, or other intentional or negligent causes. We understand the complexities...

Sexual Abuse & Exploitation

We wrote the book on obtaining compensation for victims of sexual abuse and exploitation; literally. Bill is the author of Recovering for Psychological Injuries, 3rd Edition.

Barton Trial Attorneys has successfully litigated claims of sexual exploitation against some of the most influential institutions of American society. As sexual abuse attorneys and child abuse attorneys we have represented the most vulnerable members of our communities in court, obtaining groundbreaking jury verdicts against perpetrators of sexual abuse and those who allow them access to children...

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