What makes us different?

Extraordinarily thorough. Impeccably honest. Extremely dedicated. Better results. Those aren’t our words; they’re the words of our clients and colleagues. Our clients can’t imagine how they would have faced their challenges without us. And our opponents would want us on their side as their plaintiff lawyer if they, or someone they loved, were ever injured.

Barton Trial Attorneys is the only nationally-recognized plaintiff attorney firm that can offer not just superior skill, expertise, and reputation, but also the unprecedented and unmatched personal attention, preparation, commitment, and passion of two dedicated trial attorneys—plus a full staff—focused exclusively on ten or fewer carefully selected cases.

This unusual and highly individualized focus on our clients and their cases is why we get better results than other plaintiff law firms and why our clients have better experiences. It means we can tell your story better than anyone else.

Unlike larger firms who also deal in our type of high-profile cases, we do not deal in high volume. We select our cases with extreme care. We truly get to know our clients. They get our undivided attention. We don’t hand off the work to junior associates. We prepare their cases ourselves and we champion them every day, not only when we show up in court. Our entire team knows every case intimately, and every client personally. Our clients have our personal cell phone numbers; and they use them. We support them in their larger lives and physical and emotional healing, not just in their legal effort.

And unlike other small plaintiff attorney firms, we go well beyond providing personalized service. We consistently deliver “big city” law and results no matter our size or where our headquarters are located. We have tried groundbreaking cases and told the stories that have helped to rewrite the law. Our hard work has returned record-breaking verdicts. Our success means that we have the financial resources to do what it takes to make the case, leaving no stone unturned.

This is why our law firm is renowned, successful, and sought after. We try landmark cases. We prepare our cases better than anyone else. We tell our clients’ stories better than anyone else. We get results. And we do it all with unmatched personal attention.

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury, you need a dedicated and detailed plaintiff lawyer with unmatched legal skill, but also the care and personal support to get you through trying times. Call (503) 203-0015 for a free consultation.

Our Promise To You

We only take on cases that we think we can win in the courtroom and in front of a jury.

It will be our “A” team and “A” game for every client at all times.

We will see you as more than a set of facts and events.

You will be heard, not just listened to.

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