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What makes us different?

With the disappearing civil jury trial, we know that fewer and fewer lawyers can gain the valuable experience necessary to try complex and expensive civil cases. We want to empower the next generation of trial lawyers to be effective trial advocates and a voice for positive social change.

When it comes time to refer a big personal injury case, we know you have choices. Numerous firms say they specialize in handling catastrophic personal injury cases. What makes Barton Trial Attorneys different? In addition to unmatched personal service and increasing your client's recovery, we believe we can also help you develop the skills and reputation you need to continue to gain significant personal injury cases. Our litigation strategy allows referring attorneys to be involved as much as they desire, so you can be ready to try the next big case on your own.

Bill is not just a celebrated litigator; he is a natural born teacher and mentor. He has lectured on trial advocacy over 400 times across the nation and internationally to thousands of lawyers of all ages and experience levels. He has been on the teaching faculty of The Professional Education Group, Inc. for twenty years and has been a guest lecturer at Harvard Law School's Trial Advocacy Workshop. His Barton’s Trial Advocacy Boot Camp is legendary, but no educational setting can be quite as powerful a training tool as working side-by-side on a case.

“There is a driving force within Bill to improve the profession.”


—David B. Markowitz, Markowitz Herbold Glad & Mehlhaf

Serious personal injury cases are expensive to properly develop and try. Barton Trial Attorneys will advance the out-of-pocket costs necessary to properly prepare the case for trial with no financial risk to the referring attorney.

When the "case of a life-time" comes through your door, consider the advantages of working with Barton Trial Attorneys.

Use of Jury Consultants

Having Barton Trial Attorneys on board gives you an upper hand, but our reputation is not a substitute for good preparation. In addition to extending our expertise through expert medical advice we also tap the expertise of knowledgeable jury consultants to better tell our clients’ stories.

Jury consultants assist us in determining the most effective way to communicate a client’s story with confidence and passion. With backgrounds in communication, rhetoric, and psychology, they help the trial team identify the life experiences and demographics that shape jury attitudes. Using interactive tools such as focus groups and mock trials, the consultants aid the team in testing case themes, providing valuable feedback when assessing case strengths and weaknesses.

Jury consultants help to refine evidence, strengthen areas of testimony and identify successful arguments. They understand that to effectively influence and persuade a jury, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it.

It’s just one more way we prepare the best stories, leaving nothing to chance, to ensure the best representation and best result for our clients.

If you have a client that needs our expertise, we'd love to work together.

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