Harold Nash Legal Investigator

A legal investigator is an integral part of a successful litigation team. At Barton Trial Attorneys, we place our trust and investigation needs in the hands of Harold Nash. For over 30 years, Harold has given our firm a competitive edge. Harold is a past president of the Oregon Licensed Investigators and regional director of the National Association of Legal Investigators. But it’s not his credentials that make him the best. It’s Harold’s passion for getting the facts from each witness and every shred of evidence that sets him above the average investigator. 

Harold’s people skills and ability to extract the facts from even reluctant witnesses never cease to amaze us. In addition to his substantial investigative skills, Harold draws from a wealth of technical knowledge in many areas such as mechanical, the liquid natural gas industry and electrical fields. That knowledge and ability, combined with his love of decoding complex “what happened” puzzles make Harold an invaluable part of the Barton Trial Attorneys team.