Fadra Day, J.D. Case Manager

As case manager, Fadra is the glue that binds us, serving as the liaison between our clients, attorneys, and staff. She manages all of the complex phases of litigation, working closely with Bill and Brent, from initial interview through assisting with trial preparation.

Our resident scholar, her expertise in plaintiff's medical malpractice and personal injury law is extremely valuable to us and our clients, and comes from deep experience. Fadra returned to Oregon after 18 years of legal practice in Texas, where she was focused on those same specialities and enjoyed an A-V Martindale-Hubbell rating. Her undergraduate education included a BFA in drama, with honors, and courses in nursing and related sciences as well. In 1989, she graduated cum laude from Baylor University School of Law, where she was a member of the Baylor Law Review, and served as its Executive Editor. 

Having left Newport and the west coast in 1979, no one knows better than Fadra the unique qualities of our coastal community. She has a new appreciation for long walks on some of the world's most spectacular beaches. When not working or enjoying the sand between her toes, Fadra also loves to ride her horses, work in her garden, and “saw” on her cello. Her diverse interests keep her well-balanced, and also inform her work helping a broad array of clients with their legal preparations.