Bill and JoAnn Barton Endow SEAL Scholarship Program

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Bill and JoAnn Barton founded the Barton Family Serve, Earn, and Learn (SEAL) Scholarship Program at Oregon Coast Community College this year because of their belief in the power of education and their desire to bring hope and a spirit of service to current and future OCCC students. The fund provides financial assistance to deserving students at OCCC in exchange for their service to many of the college's departments.

The Bartons made a generous donation of $300,000 to the OCCC Foundation, with $280,000 set aside as an endowment fund to perpetuate the scholarship. Annual SEAL recipients are supported in their pursuit of a higher education, relieved of some of their educational loan debt, and actively mentored by instructors and staff. They complete on-campus service assignments—45 to 72 hours per term—which increase their work experience, foster career development, and increase their chance of student success. Students benefit from work experience in the nursing skills lab, science labs, tutoring center, small business development center, students services, facilities, and the library.

Since the Barton's original founding gift, the OCCC Foundation has received additional funding for the SEAL Scholarship Program from the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund, the Estate of Alline McAlister, and a generous gift from Mr. John Sherman.

For more information on the scholarship visit Oregon Coast Community College.

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